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Keck Makes 7th First Place Win At ECMS
September 19th, 2007
Commonwealth Progress
by Joe Holliday

SCOTLAND NECK - On Sept. 1, Eric Keck, of Scotland Neck, again drove from the rear of the field to win his seventh DOE Motorsports UCAR 20-lapper at East Carolina Motor Speedway.
The results for the UCAR (U Can Afford to Race)
division for Sept. 1 were:
1. Eric Keck, Scotland Neck, Ford
2. Kevin Manning, Grimesland, Chevrolet
3. Dennis West, Bethel, Chevrolet
4. Clayton Farmer, Ahoskie, Pontiac
5. David Foreman, Snow Hill, Chevrolet
6. Jimmy Harris, Bethel, Chevrolet
7. Russell Beaman, Fountain, Pontiac
8. Jimmy Braswell, Hobgood, Dodge
9. Joey Davidson, Greenville, Ford
10. Chris Russell, Washington, Chevrolet
11. Tommy Edmondson, Greenville, Chevrolet
12. Donald Wooten, Macclesfield, Chevrolet
13. Sammy Thomas, Everetts, Volkswagen
14. Houston Pittman, Greenville, Chevrolet
15. C.E. Wilson, Belvoir, Plymouth
16. Ricky Harris, Greenville, Chevrolet
DQ Steve Wadford, Greenville, Ford, unsportsmanlike conduct
ECMS was closed on Sept. 8th, but returned to action on Sept. 15.